The Part Electrical Engineers Play in the Construction Industry

Electrical engineers are tasked with designing high-voltage equipment like lighting systems, generators, power distribution systems, and wiring systems. There is a lot more, however, that an electrical engineer needs to do at a construction site for both commercial and residential buildings. The majority of electrical installation components are tucked away out of sight behind access doors—not counting receptacles, light fixtures, and others that need to be exposed for use. In industrial buildings it’s much more apparent how much goes into the electrical systems, as the conduits, junction boxes and other things likely not covered by dropped ceilings or drywall.

Electricians are in charge of overseeing that all these things get put in and installed properly and resolve any issues that may arise while making sure that things get done according to regulation and certain specifications. To summarize, their duties are:

·        System Testing Conduct. Electrical systems need to be tested throughout the construction process. This is one of the things electrical engineers are in charge of.

·        Managing the Schedules for Construction. Working closely with utility providers and planners, electrical engineers need to make sure construction proceeds properly so all electrical devices can be installed properly with no delays. They also need to coordinate with subcontractors to make sure electrical work gets done as well as the other project elements.

·        Finding Cost Estimates. Developing cost estimates for labor and material when the construction begins is another one of their jobs. They need to analyze the blueprints to figure out all the needed components and their costs.

·        Solving Electrical Problems. There are plenty of issues that come up when building a new building, and an electrical engineer’s job is to deal with them.

·        Guiding Electrical Contractors. The engineer has the big picture and needs to direct the contractors to do what needs to be done.

·        Designing Electrical Systems. Most importantly, they’re in charge of designing the entire electrical system plan so that the house will be functional.

These are just some of the jobs that electrical engineers are in charge of, but there’s a whole lot more. Where would we be without them?

Closeup of electrician engineer works with electric cable wires of fuse switch box. Electrical equipment

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