Choosing the Best Front Door

The front door serves several important functions: it serves as the first impression and tone setter for when visitiors come to your home, it’s your main portal for entering and exiting your home, and it’s your main protection against break-ins and bad weather. So when you’re looking for a good front door you’ll wan to keep all that in mind so you can find something sturdy and strong enough to keep your home safe while also being attractive and something that will present your entryway how you want.

First off, you’ll want to figure out exactly what kind of mood you want to set with your new front door and, depending on what you decide on, you’ve basically got two major groups to choose from:

  • Modern style front doors, and
  • Traditional style front doors

For a more minimalistic or sleek look, you’ll likely choose something from the “modern style” type, while if your home is a Colonial-style house a good option would be something in the traditional category.

Modern front doors can generally be characterized by their sharp look, minimalist design and clean lines. They often sport bold colors and/or large glass panels. Traditional doors have more detailed, and often European-style designs, with an emphasis on looking elegant and regal.

Once you’ve settled on the door style you want, the next step is to figure out what material you want. There’s wood, fibreglass, steel and wrought iron. Wood takes quite a bit more upkeep to avoid rot and parasites, but it looks good.

In the end the decision is up to you!

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