Tools Every Electrician Needs

In order to be able to complete tasks in 90% of cases, every electrician needs to have the correct tools. Those correct tools can all be put into a basic set that should be required for any electrician to have so they can do their jobs. It’s not an easy job, being an electrician, but a good electrician with the right tools can work wonders.

With tools of greater versatility, electricians are able to get breeze through their tasks more efficiently. There are specialized tools for each task that enable the electrician to more easily complete the job at hand. So here’s a list of the few basic tools that should be included in every basic electrician’s tool kit.

·        Saws: There are many situations where a power saw could come in handy, so it’s always good to have one.

·        Power drills: These save you from having to use your screwdrivers for grueling work of screwing screws, and also allows you to drill holes through walls if necessary.

·        Labelling machine: Like any job with a lot of details, it’s always nice to be able to label things so you don’t have to rely on your own memory all the time. Especially when working with electricity, it’s important to be careful. Safety first!

·        Measuring device: These come in handy very often and are needed on many occasions.

·        Poles and fish tapes: These are useful foe securing wires and make the area safer. You need these if you’re going to work with live circuits. Fish poles become necessary when you’re working in a place where the wire aren’t that easy to get to or see properly.

·        Wire crimper: These are used to connect two wires. You can place a number of wires in a connector and then use a wire crimper to connect them by deforming the wires together into a joint.

·        Wire stripper: You need one of these if you’re going to work with wires.

·        Screwdrivers: Some of the basics for any electrician.·        Pliers: Probably the most essential tool for a good electrician. Have a couple types and sizes of pliers for different situation.